To install Android 11, first make sure your phone is eligible for the beta program. Android 11 has been released on the Google Pixel phones, but many other brands are following suit. You can follow the steps listed below to download and install the latest version of Android on your phone. Be sure to keep your battery charge high enough because you’ll have to restart your phone a few times during the installation process. However, if your device isn’t yet eligible for the beta program, don’t fret. Every Android-powered smartphone comes with a signature UI or default ROM pre-installed.

While there are many custom ROMs out there, not all of them are stable enough to be used as your daily driver. The ultimate method for getting your phone back to stock is to flash a factory image.

It involves downloading the latest version of the Xiaomi firmware, flashing it onto your device, and then using the official Xiaomi update application to install the update. This process is more secure than installing a custom ROM, as it ensures that the update is from the official source and is free from malicious or unwanted code.

android stock rom samsung

Once completed , use the Volume controls to choose the Reboot System Now menu item, and then hit the Power button to confirm your selection. The article mainly shows you how to back up Android ROM to PC safely. In the first place, you need to make sure your Android gets ready with following some essential points.

The below tutorial will guide you to install Samsung Stock ROM on your Samsung smartphone or tablet by using the Mobile Odin Pro app. If you have found any discrepancy or missing information, please feel free to post it in the comment section below, don’t worry I will update as soon as possible.