She now life call at California and you will frequently is still volatile, swinging off relationship to matchmaking

Roy Patterson was a police officer having a beneficial grudge facing Rusty-James plus the Cycle Child which can be always searching to own ways to “get” him or her. Eventually, the guy eliminates brand new Bike Guy out of the blue if Bicycle Child is taking seafood out of an animal shop.


Patty was Rusty-James’s wife. This lady mother was a nurse just who performs evening, and Patty should be home more and take care of the girl little brothers. She’s got bleached blond locks that’s hard. She just after went just after several other woman with a reduced bottles once the the woman was flirting with Rusty-James.

Don Price

Pricing is a sensible-alecky man who has already been offering Mentor Ryan issues. Ryan offers Rusty-James four cash to beat your up.


Rusty-James, whoever judge name is Russel-James, is actually fourteen during the main step of your own publication but talks and acts including individuals far older and you may tougher. He confesses that he’s not too brilliant and that he has a mood. He steals, curses, cigarettes, beverages, and you will goes in battles on the regular, although the guy has never shed one in couple of years. He idolizes their elderly brother, Bike Guy, and desires to getting identical to your just like the Bike Boy try “the new coolest person in the whole world.” He cannot consider far concerning the future, or even the past, preferring to reside in the present. His friend Steve is very important to help you him given that Steve is probably the actual only real secure person he’s previously identified. Rusty-James is actually leftover by yourself in his parents’ family for three months when he was a couple of years dated because the their mother leftover the american hot women newest family, using Motorcycle Son, and his awesome father gone away toward an excellent three-day taking binge. Maybe due to this fact, Rusty-James dislikes becoming alone and you will dreads your day new Motorcycle Man leaves home forever.

Rusty-James’s Father

Rusty-James’s dad, which his sons phone call “the outdated son,” is an alcohol. He’s gone to laws college and contains a giant words and a knowledgeable way of talking. He or she is “a middle-size of, middle-old man, version of blond and you can hair loss above, and also light-blue-eyes. He had been the type of person no one actually noticed. He previously a great amount of household members, whether or not, primarily bartenders.” He is totally detached out-of his sons and you can viewpoints her or him the latest ways a keen anthropologist manage look at an as yet not known tribe. “Exactly what strange lifetime your several head,” according to him moderately as he discovers one Rusty-James has been cut-in a blade challenge.

The guy began drinking whenever Rusty-James’s mommy kept: the guy continued an effective around three-day binge, also it is, he says, initially he had been ever drunk. He says away from his relationship and his downfall out-of attorney to skid-line inebriated, “Our very own ple away from a beneficial preacher marrying an enthusiastic atheist, convinced and come up with a convert, and you may instead ending up denying his own trust.” This implies you to their wife are some sort of criminal. He says, “She hitched me personally for fun, whenever it prevented are enjoyable she kept.”

Rusty-James’s Mother

Rusty-James’s mother kept the household whenever Rusty-James is two in addition to Motorcycle Son is six. To start with, she took brand new Motorcycle Boy with her, then again she abandoned your, and in the end he was drawn back once again to his father and you may Rusty-James. If the Motorcycle Kid finds the lady, she’s managing a motion picture producer it is thinking about “transferring which have a musician just who stayed in a tree house upwards regarding the mountains.”

Coach Ryan

Ryan ‘s the gym teacher on Rusty-James’s college. Rusty-James hates him since the the guy believes the fresh mentor are an artificial. The mentor uses adolescent jargon and you can seeks way too hard are family members which have Rusty-James, that produces Rusty-James skeptical. Rusty-James claims, “I hoped in order to heck as i was adult I’d keeps most useful things you can do than simply hold off some tough punk, assured their representative manage wipe regarding into the me.”